The Government of Ontario page for Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. Click on Mental Health for a variety of resources on mental health law in Ontario. Eg. Brian’s Law, Bill 68, Community Treatment Orders.
Main page for the Mental Health Care Program at London Health Sciences Centre,
London, Ontario, Canada
Canadian Psychiatric Association. Includes information about advocacy.
American Psychiatric Association.
Schizophrenia Society of Ontario
The Consent and Capacity Board
Schizophrenia Society of Canada. From this site you can download the booklet Learning About Schizophrenia: Rays of Hope
This site that looks at the stigma associated with mental illness
Canadian Mental Health Association
EPPIC, a first episode program in Melbourne, Australia
Totara House, Early Intervention in Psychosis Service in Canterbury, New Zealand
Internet Mental Health. A wealth of resources and links including extensive links for medication information.
Homepage for Ian Chovil, a schizophrenia survivor
Psychiatry Online
The Swiss early psychosis project
TIPS, located in Rogaland, Norway, is a project designed to detect and treat psychiatric illness early.
This is the site for the WHO Guide to Mental Health in Primary Care. It offers a wealth of information about mental illness. Many resources in downloadable format for professionals and family members.
This site features Expert Consensus Guidelines for a range of disorders including Schizophrenia. It has separate guides for professionals and family members in downloadable format.
World Fellowship for Schizophrenia and Allied Disorders includes information for families and stigma.
Mental Health Evaluation and Community Consultation Unit at the University of British Columbia. A good source for mental health services for those living in BC. Also downloadable information for early psychosis and suicide.
Psychosis Support for Parents in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia
This site includes much of the content of the PBS television special the Secret Life of the Brain. The graphics for the action of dopamine and the anatomy of the brain are excellent. Also talks about the impact of drugs on the brain.
This is the site for the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto. They have an extensive list of resources available to purchase. Free stuff includes an information package outlining steps for preparing a community education campaign.
The PRIME (Prevention through Risk Identification, Management and Education) Clinic is dedicated to the early identification and treatment of people ages 14 to 30. PRIME provides assessment, monitoring and support. It also serves as a referral point to and from other agencies.
Initiative to Reduce the Impact of Schizophrenia
Web directory for health, community, etc.
Directory of Support Groups related websites
A creative resource developed by an EI client and parent to help promote
recovery of youth and families affected by first-episode psychosis.
The DELTA Project seeks to address this and reduce the amount of time a person experiencing their first episode of psychosis spends unwell without treatment in the South East Dublin area of Ireland.